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About the Wisbroek Research & Development Center


Wisbroek Research & Development Center

Every Wisbroek feed has been developed based on the wide nutritional knowledge of vets, nutritionists, and professional breeders. But that’s the easy part and is the same for other brand products. What really makes Wisbroek feeds different is the preliminary test phase.

Wisbroek started out as a breeding centre. It has since grown to become one of the largest bird centres in the world, making enormous progress in breeding a wide range of bird species. Nutrition is our highest priority to keep birds healthy and help them flourish. But because there were no feeds available that met Wisbroek’s standards, we decided to work with vets and nutritionists to develop our own feed that fully met the needs of birds. Since there was huge outside demand for Wisbroek’s feed, we decided to bring our own feed to the market. Wisbroek now has its own Research & Development Center, where our feeds are extensively tested before they are available on the market.

The test phase carried out at our professional Research & Development Center includes monitoring the long-term use of many different kinds of feed. During this phase, we have found that cranes fed on Wisbroek Crane Diet produce thinner faeces due to the nutrient content. But we can improve this by increasing the crude fibre content in the feed. What’s more, we noticed that our Softbill Diet did not contain the right carotenoids (natural colourings) to help all types of softbills (in all the colours of the rainbow) retain their natural colour. By selecting ingredients rich in the right carotenoids, we were able to improve this.

Wisbroek is working continuously to optimize its feeds and produce even more high-quality feeds for a variety of birds.