About Wisbroek

Research & Development Center
Wisbroek has its own Research & Development Center with high-quality facilities. We are constantly working to develop new and existing bird feeds in cooperation with private breeders, nutritionists, vets, and leading zoos.
The first initial tests always take place at Wisbroek. Together with nutritionists and experts, research is being conducted to bring feed to a balanced level as this is a basis for animal health.  New feed is always tested at Wisbroek for at least 1 year before delivery to market.

Breeding & research
In collaboration with various specialists, Wisbroek has set up one of the most modern, leading breeding centers for rare birds in the world. The majority of these beautiful birds are extremely rare and declining in population. Wisbroek aims to make a positive contribution by cultivating and researching to maintain endangered bird species for the future.

Education & training
Wisbroek also contributes in education and training. Birdwatchers are trained at Wisbroek and guided tours are regularly organized for schools to interest the youth for these birds and the environment.
Wisbroek is a young and dynamic organisation, supported by a team of enthusiastic people with very diverse education and interests. All of them attach great importance to animal welfare, increasing the number of these birds and the survival of these species.