1. What makes Wisbroek unique compared to classic types of feed?

Wisbroek is made with the greatest care and attention. It is a high-quality feed that contains all the ingredients needed for a balanced and healthy diet.

We only use extruded grains. This involves using water and steam to heat the feed to more than 100°C, which allows certain ingredients in the feed to burst open. That means the carbohydrates in the grains are more easily digestible – which is especially crucial for young birds. In addition, most of the germs are killed in the process, reducing the risk of infection.

Wisbroek is produced under GMP and HACCP conditions and applies strict quality standards when it comes to selecting the ingredients.

The extracted grains that Wisbroek uses are fully absorbable, making the feed more economical. Wisbroek has developed a special feed for an array of bird varieties, for both during and outside the breeding season, and especially for younger birds. Each feed has its own specific characteristics that make it suitable for a certain species and stage of life.

2. What are the benefits of Wisbroek?

  • Wisbroek feeds contain a variety of ingredients for complete and optimal nutrition.
  • They are scientifically developed and prepared with the best balanced ingredients, allowing the feed to be more easily absorbed.
  • The feeds are free of chemical oxidants, preservatives, and mammal protein and fat – and that’s guaranteed.
  • Their optimal packaging ensures a long shelf life of twelve months. Packed with vitamins, taste, and aroma, the feeds are guaranteed to be easily absorbable.
  • Extruded grains with a very high buoyancy, making the feed more economical.

Wisbroek Ibis – Flamingo Floating:

  • This feed provides the birds with the natural pre-cursors for red pigment thanks to the addition of corn linseed, prawn meal, ß-Carotene, canthaxanthin and spirulina; allowing the birds to express their natural red pigmentation.
  • The salmon oil coating and the spirulina algae, prawn, and fish meal provide a natural shine and a good feather structure, keeping your birds in an optimal condition.
  • Enriched with natural antioxidants (vitamin E).

3. What ingredients does Wisbroek contain?

During the extrusion process, we only use the highest quality ingredients. From procuring our ingredients to delivering your product, we monitor the quality of all our feeds throughout the process. Wisbroek is produced under GMP and HACCP conditions, which means that the nature and origin of the ingredients can be traced and comply with statutory requirements.

Wisbroek has developed its feeds especially for birds, tailored to their specific needs, in close cooperation with nutritionists, experts, vets, and individual professional breeders. Our feeds are carefully composed in consultation with the experts, and we select our ingredients with the utmost care.

You can see what ingredients each feed contains on the product label on the feed bag.

4. How much Wisbroek feed do my birds need?

The amount of feed that a bird needs and absorbs depends on its energy needs, which are determined by the conditions in which the bird is kept:

  • Environment/living space (a cage versus a large aviary where the bird can fly)
  • Size of the bird
  • Quantity and type of supplementary feed
  • Life stage of the bird (young, growth, moulting, egg-laying, or outside the breeding season)
  • Temperament of the bird (quiet or active)
  • Temperature (depending on the season and whether the bird is kept inside or outside)

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact figure. If you prefer, you can contact us for custom advice.