Wisbroek CarniPro

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Wisbroek CarniPro is a complementary animal feed / supplement for meat and fish-eating animals such as birds of prey, owls, herons, felines, bears and reptiles. Wisbroek CarniPro contains an optimal and safe amount and ratio of minerals, vitamins and other additives. By adding Wisbroek CarniPro (dosage: 1%) to prey, carcasses, meat and fish, the animal gets all necessary nutrients for their daily activities. Wisbroek CarniPro can also be used to sprinkle /gutload food animals such as mealworms or crickets.

  • Supplement for fish- and meat eaters.
  • Part of the vitamin A as the safe form of B-carotene that can not be over-dosed.
  • Safe amount of vitamin D3.
  • With Probiotic (E. Faecium).
  • Increased vitamin E and organic selenium content, strong antioxidants that support the immunity, especially in high fat diets.
  • Extra Vitamin B1 which is broken down into frozen fish by thiaminase.
  • Sufficient choline to support fat metabolism.
  • With added Canthaxanthin as a natural antioxidant.
  • At least 50% of the minerals are added in their organic, safe and natural form.
  • Yeast cell walls as an immunity booster.

Composition: calcium carbonate, algae (Schizochytrium limacinum), brewers yeast and wheat feed flour

Analytical constituents
Crude Ash 63%
Calcium 20%
Crude Protein 6,2%
Crude Fat 5,4%
C22:6 DHA 2%
Crude Fibre 1,5%
Phosphorus 0,4%
Sodium 0,4%
Magnesium 0,2%
Nutritional additives
Vitamine A 30.000 IE/kg
Vitamine D3 35.000 IE/kg
Vitamine E α-tocopherol 4.000 mg/kg
Vitamine K3 100 mg/kg
Vitamine B1 350 mg/kg
Vitamine B2 300 mg/kg
D-calcium pantothenate 1.200 mg/kg
Vitamine PP 2.000 mg/kg
Vitamine B6 350 mg/kg
Vitamine B9 75 mg/kg
Vitamine B12 1.500 mcg/kg
Vitamine B4 15.000 mg/kg
Biotin 20.000 mg/kg
ß-carotene 200 mg/kg
Fe (Iron) 600 mg/kg
Calcium 150 mg/kg
Cu (Copper) 250 mg/kg
Mn (Manganese) 375 mg/kg
Mn (Manganese chelate) 375 mg/kg
Zn (Zinc) 500 mg/kg
Zn (Zinc chelate) 500 mg/kg
Se (selenium) 20 mg/kg
Technological additives
Propyl gallate (E310) 16,5 mg/kg
Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) (E321) 201 mg/kg
Citric acid (E330) 0,1 g/kg
Zootechnical additives
E. faecium NCIMB 10415 (4b1705) 75.000 MCFU
Sonsory additives
Canthaxanthin 100 mg/kg

Disclaimer: Wisbroek continuously strives for optimal composition of the various types of feed. Shown values may therefore differ from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

Divide 1% Wisbroek CarniPro over the prey, meat or fish. Add the correct dosage (10g per kilogram of feed); the supplied scoop facilitates this. A leveled off scoop contains 10 grams of Wisbroek CarniPro.

Some tips and recommendations:

  • Avoid hunting prey, 1 grain of hail is sufficient to induce lead poisoning. This can be recognized by green manure, bad eating and weak wings and paws.
  • Try to feed chicks as much as possible with yolk, which contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and phospholipids.
  • “Bald” meat can not be fed without additives. MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) is often accompanied by feeding too much meat and too little complete prey.
  • Whole prey animals (with organs) are often better than complete feed, please note that too large parts do not cause obstructions. By cutting the prey, absolutely no sharp points of bones may occur.
  • Be careful with sand, wood or stones that stick to the food, this could cause obstructions.
  • Young bird of prey owls can not be fed “casting” (hair, bones, feathers) for up to 20 days. Chicken fuzz is best to let the young birds get used to casting.
  • Birds of prey
  • Owls
  • Herons
  • Felines
  • Bears
  • Reptiles
  • Other meat and fish-eating animals
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