Wisbroek InsectPower

Before: Avis Cibum Insecten Strooipoeder

Wisbroek InsectPower has been specially developed to enrich food animals such as crickets, grasshoppers, buffalo worms, mealworms and morio worms.


How does it work?

The insects on the menu of birds are a source of animal protein, but otherwise have limited nutritional value. For example, they contain very little of the calcium, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that young birds in particular need. When giving insects during the rearing of young birds, enrichment by means of a supplement is therefore desirable.

Wisbroek InsectPower enriches the food. In this way birds receive the necessary calcium, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The recipe of Wisbroek InsectPower contains special building blocks such as certified blood plasma. This promotes the building up of muscle tissue. The vitamin A and natural vitamin K1 and K2 support a healthy bone matrix and optimal bone structure. In addition, they stimulate the growth of the embryo.

Advice for use

The use of Wisbroek InsectPower is very easy. Simply sprinkle the powder on the food animals. InsectPower has a very nice and fine structure and adheres well to the food animals. The food does not have to be made damp for this.

Tip from Mr. U:

For convenience and a nice distribution of the InsectPower, you can use a tea strainer for it.

Who is it suitable for?

Wisbroek InsectPower is a food supplement suitable for insect-eating birds.

Wisbroek InsectPower

was previously

Avis Cibum Insecten Strooipoeder

Avis Cibum continued under the wings of Wisbroek in early 2022. The supplements are a nice addition to Wisbroek’s existing range. We are working closely with the founders of Avis Cibum to further optimise current products and develop several new ones. The range of supplements will therefore continue to expand under the name Wisbroek!


Maize, linseed, soy protein, wheat bran, calcium carbonate, blood plasma, powdered eggs, apple fibre, monocalcium phosphate, grain mash, brewer’s yeast, rapeseed oil, sodium chloride, locust bean gum, lignocellulose, Gamma Oryzanol.

Analytic constituents

Crude protein22,95%
Crude fat7,95%
Crude fibre4,4%
Crude ash9,9%
Calcium carbonate2,15%
Sodium chloride0,33%
Energy value13,60 MJ ME/kg


Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (3a672a)470 IE/kg
Vitamin D3 (3a671)3.960 IE/kg
Vitamin E (3a700)290 mg/kg
Biotin240 mg/kg
Calcium-D-pantothenate18 mg/kg
Folic acid2,4 mg/kg
Copper (E4)30 mg/kg
Iron 250 mg/kg
Manganese96 mg/kg
Iodine0,2 mg/kg
Zinc96 mg/kg
Selenium0,64 mg/kg
Technical additives
Propyl gallate225 mg/kg
Zootechnical additives
Endo-1,4-beta-xylanase EC3.2.1.82100.00 U
3-phytase,00 FTU
Benzoic acid150 mg/kg

Disclaimer: Wisbroek is continuously working on an optimal composition of the various feed types. Mentioned values may therefore deviate from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

High diversity

The high diversity in raw materials makes our Wisbroek food a perfect balanced recipe for birds. 

Natural ingredients

In our Wisbroek food we include natural ingredients that birds eat in the wild.  

Worldwide fed by zoos 

Zoos around the world have been recommending our food and feeding it to their birds for years.

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