Wisbroek Mealworm Diet

Before: Avis Cibum Meelwormen Loopvoer

Wisbroek Mealworm Diet has been specially developed to enrich food animals such as mealworms, buffalo worms, morio worms and crickets.


How does it work?

Insect-eating birds love worms. It is a natural source of nutrition for them. Food insects such as mealworms are a source of protein for birds. They also contain moisture. Apart from that, they have little nutritional value that a bird needs.

To enrich the food insects, put them on Wisbroek Mealworm Diet. This is a roughly ground powder that is eaten by the food insects and therefore their nutritional value is supplemented. Wisbroek Mealworm Diet is rich in proteins, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, blood plasma with extra Vitamin A, Vitamin K1 blood clotting and Vitamin K2. The food insects can also build up the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus. As soon as the birds eat these enriched insects, they immediately get the extra nutritional values they need.

Advice for use

Make a nutrient base with a layer of 3 to 4 mm of Wisbroek Mealworm Diet. Put the food insects on this layer so they will eat it. Check this layer every 2 to 3 days, sieve it out and top it up as required.

Who is it suitable for?

Wisbroek Mealworm Diet is suitable for the gutloading of mealworms that are the food of insect-eating birds.

Wisbroek Mealworm Diet

was previously

Avis Cibum Meelwormen Loopvoer

Avis Cibum continued under the wings of Wisbroek in early 2022. The supplements are a nice addition to Wisbroek’s existing range. We are working closely with the founders of Avis Cibum to further optimise current products and develop several new ones. The range of supplements will therefore continue to expand under the name Wisbroek!


Wheat, maize, wheat protein concentrate, locust bean gum, rape oil, blood plasma, powdered eggs, yeast, calcium carbonate,  monocalcium phosphate, lecithin, monoammonium phosphate.

Analytic constituents

Crude protein21%
Crude ash9,6%
Crude fat8%
Crude fibre3,7%


Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (3a672a)12.000 IE/kg
Vitamin D3 (3a671)3.000 IE/kg
Manganese156 mg/kg
Vitamine E (3a700)120 mg/kg
Iron90 mg/kg
Zinc (3b605)78 mg/kg
Zinc (3b603)18,5 mg/kg
Copper (3b413)18 mg/kg
Iodine (3b202)1,9 mg/kg
selenium (3b801)0,42 mg/kg
Technical additives
Propyl gallate225 mg/kg
BHT (e321)24 mg/kg
BHA (e320)6 mg/kg
Zootechnical additives
Phytase (4a19)1380 FTU
Xylanase (4a11)2100 U
1,3×10¨9 Bacillus subtilis en Bacillus licheniformis (1:1) (4b1700i)

Disclaimer: Wisbroek is continuously working on an optimal composition of the various feed types. Mentioned values may therefore deviate from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

High diversity

The high diversity in raw materials makes our Wisbroek food a perfect balanced recipe for birds. 

Natural ingredients

In our Wisbroek food we include natural ingredients that birds eat in the wild.  

Worldwide fed by zoos 

Zoos around the world have been recommending our food and feeding it to their birds for years.

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