Wisbroek Micro 22

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Wisbroek Micro 22 is an extruded complete (floating) feed for (young) waterfowl and small waders. It is a 2 mm extruded feed, which can expand up to 3 mm after moisture absorption. It is especially developed for (young) waterfowl and small waders.

  • 2 mm extruded feed it by means of soak in water can swell up to 3 mm
  • High fat content in order to provide enough energy for growing birds and small birds that naturally have higher maintenance requirements
  • Contains a high percentage of fish / shrimp meal and fish oil
    10% of the fat consists of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Can be fed dry and wet, water has a stability of about 48 hours
  • Diversity in raw materials to obtain a complete feed which requires no additives
  • Using high quality animal and plant protein sources to ensure high biological value of the protein
  • By making use of raw materials rich in natural carotenoids (Lucerne, krill, spirulina, corn gluten) this feed will enhance the
    natural coloring of the birds

Ingredients: Wheat, fish meal, fish oil, haemoglobin, corn gluten, rapeseed oil, alfalfa concentrate, wheat germ, monocalcium phosphate, krill meal, and spirulina.

Analytical constituents  
Crude Protein 22,0%
Crude Fat 8,0%
Crude Fibre 2,0%
Ash 5,5%
Phosphorus 0,9%
Calcium 1,0%
Sodium 0,2%
Vitamin A 10.000 IE/kg
Vitamin D3 2.200 IE/kg
Vitamin E α-tocopherol 200 mg/kg
Vitamin C (Stable) 150 mg/kg
Trace elements  
Iron (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate) 75,0 mg/kg
Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 5,0 mg/kg
Copper (coppersulphate, pentahydrate) 5,0 mg/kg
Manganese (manganese oxide) 20,0 mg/kg
Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 80,0 mg/kg


Waders have, depending on the season, 20 to 50 g of feed per kg of body weight per day. In winter, the birds will take in more food than in the spring and summer. This is due to an increased energy demand for metabolic activities, due to lower temperatures, as well as they absence “natural foods”. It is possible to soak the feed in water, feed an optimal ratio: water is 1: 2, when this ratio is obtained the pellet becomes soften and is c. 3mm. Store cool, dark and dry. Dry presentation is the best way to offer the feed to your birds. Soaking the feed in water before offering is also an option. Make sure fresh drinking water is always available. Due to the presence of insects and other natural feed additions your birds may take less feed in spring and summer. This product contains ingredients of animal or marine origin, do not feed to animals meant for human consumption or whose products are meant for human consumption. This product contains antioxidants and preservatives.

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