Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster

Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster is a complete daily food for nut- and seed-eating parrots and Psittaciformes that need an extra energy boost. The higher fat and protein content is for example needed during the breeding season or to build up extra fat reserves for the winter period. This is also very suitable for sick and weakened birds.


All the ingredients for the best recipe!

During the unique extrusion process, the high diversity of raw materials is formed under high pressure into deliciously crunchy pellets. Each pellet contains all the nutrients your bird needs to stay in good condition. Besides the pellets, no extra additions to the food are necessary. Our ingredients are consistent with the diet of parrots in the wild. The pellets are therefore prepared with real seeds and nuts, such as sunflower seeds, katyang seeds, walnuts and linseed.

This balanced recipe ensures optimal digestion by using organic nutrients. We use raw materials such as canthaxanthin, alfalfa and lutein for our pellet. These contain natural carotenoids, which are bodily substances that birds in the wild would also eat and ensure that your bird’s true natural colors come out.

In addition to all these healthy nutrients, all the necessary fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are also derived from animal and plant protein sources of only the highest quality. These ingredients help to support your bird’s immune system, among other things.

Nutritional advice

Wisbroek Parrot Nut Blend Booster is a complete daily food. Due to the diversity, the nutritional values for all nut- and seed-eating parrots and Psittaciformes are covered. That is all your bird needs. If you want advice on how to offer your parrot species an even more varied diet with Wisbroek Parrot food? For a free tailor-made nutritional advice, please contact us at hello@wisbroek.com.

Switching advice

Is Wisbroek pellet food completely new to your bird? Please visit this page for our helpful switching advice. By making the switch gradually, your bird gets used to the pellets and still gets all the nutrients he needs.


Wheat flour, sunflower seeds, katjang seeds, buckwheat, millet, walnuts, groundnuts, milk thistle seed, rice, maize flour, peas, egg powder, brewer’s yeast, lucerne concentrate, maize gluten, sunflower oil, lucerne, beetroot, dicalcium-phosphate, linseed, lecithin, calcium carbonate, rosehip.

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein22,0%
Crude Fat10,9%
Crude Fibre5,9%
Crude Ash7,6%


Sensory Additives
Tartrazine (E102)425 mg/kg
Canthaxanthin6,0 mg/kg
Luteine30 mg/kg
Patent blue (2a131)68 mg/kg
Forest fruits aroma2,0 mg/kg
Vitamin A14.000 IU/kg
Vitamin D31.900 IU/kg
Vitamin E alfa-tocopherol120 mg/kg
Vitamin C Sodium ascorbyl phosphate120 mg/kg
Iron, Fe (II)sulphate-monohydrate45 mg/kg
Copper, Cu sulphate-pentahydrate5 mg/kg
Copper, Cu chelate of glycine hydrate5 mg/kg
Zinc, Zn sulphate-monohydrate35 mg/kg
Zinc, Zn chelate of glycine hydrate35 mg/kg
Manganese, Mn sulphate-monohydrate40 mg/kg
Manganese, Mn chelate of glycine hydrate40 mg/kg
Iodine, I calciumiodate-waterless2,5 mg/kg
Selenium, Se sodium selenite0,1 mg/kg
Selenium, SE se-organice0,1 mg/kg

Disclaimer: Wisbroek continuously strives for optimal composition of the various types of feed. Shown values may therefore differ from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

High diversity

The high diversity in raw materials makes our Wisbroek food a perfect balanced recipe for birds. 

Natural ingredients

In our Wisbroek food we include natural ingredients that birds eat in the wild.  

Worldwide fed by zoos 

Zoos around the world have been recommending our food and feeding it to their birds for years.

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