Wisbroek Tagetes

Before: Avis Cibum Tagetes Erecta

Wisbroek Tagetes is a natural colour powder for your bird. This food supplement is extracted from Tagetes Erecta, also known as Marigold or African Marigold. The applicable pigments from this extract bring out the natural colour of the plumage.

How does it work?

Birds often have the most diverse colours. This is beautiful for us to look at, but for birds it has a real function. A male bird, for example, tries to impress the opposite sex with his beautiful coloured feathers.

Birds in the wild get their beautiful colours from food with natural colouring ingredients. In captivity they often do not get these natural ingredients, so that their natural colours are less pronounced. By adding Wisbroek Tagetes to their diet, their natural colours come out better.

Wisbroek Tagetes is a natural colourant for birds. It is extracted from Tagetes Erecta, the Marigold. The extract contains applicable pigments, consisting of isomers of zeaxanthin, lutein and lutein esters. This composition is suitable as a natural colouring for birds.

Advice for use

Add 1 to 10 grams of Wisbroek Tagetes to 1 kg of feed. This depends on the need for dye in the resting or moulting period.

Please note: Wisbroek Tagetes is not water soluble.

Tip from Mr. U:

Wisbroek Tagetes can be used in combination with other products from our range. For example, mix Wisbroek Tagetes with Wisbroek Mealworm Diet. In this way the bird gets it in a natural way via the mealworms. Or sprinkle it on the food insects together with our Wisbroek InsectPower. It can also be used together with Wisbroek Premium Pate or Wisbroek BreedPower.

Who is it suitable for?

Wisbroek Tagetes is a supplement suitable for birds such as insect-eating birds, parrots and parakeets.

Wisbroek Tagetes

was previously

Avis Cibum Tagetes Erecta

Avis Cibum continued under the wings of Wisbroek in early 2022. The supplements are a nice addition to Wisbroek’s existing range. We are working closely with the founders of Avis Cibum to further optimise current products and develop several new ones. The range of supplements will therefore continue to expand under the name Wisbroek!


Lutein (E161b) 18 g/kg
Zeaxanthin (E161h) 1,40 g/kg

Analytic constituents



Binding agent
Silicic acid (E551a) 140 g/kg
Aromatic substances
Mixture of aromatic substances 0,252 g/kg
Calcium carbonate
Xanthophylen 20 g/kg

Disclaimer: Wisbroek is continuously working on an optimal composition of the various feed types. Mentioned values may therefore deviate from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

High diversity

The high diversity in raw materials makes our Wisbroek food a perfect balanced recipe for birds. 

Natural ingredients

In our Wisbroek food we include natural ingredients that birds eat in the wild.  

Worldwide fed by zoos 

Zoos around the world have been recommending our food and feeding it to their birds for years.

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