Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil

Before: Avis Cibum Wheat Germ Oil

Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil is a supplement for birds. It is particularly suitable as an addition to the diet in the run-up to the breeding season. This is due to the high content of vitamin E, which plays a role in improving fertility.

How does it work?

Wheat germ oil is a cold-pressed, golden oil made from the germs of wheat grains. It promotes the development of good skin and feathering. Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil contains specific ingredients, including a large amount of natural vitamin E. This stimulates fertility and muscle development in birds. Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil is therefore very suitable for use in preparation for the breeding season. It is important to stop giving wheat germ oil as soon as the breeding season starts.

Wheat germ oil also consists of octanasol. This supports the energy, strength and stamina of birds. In addition, it supports the resistance to stress. Wheat germ oil promotes the immunity of the birds. It is therefore also very good to use during the winter season.

Advice for use

Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil can be mixed with the bird feed. Mix 10 ml. of oil with 1 kg of food. Use in the run-up to the breeding season or in winter.

Important: Stop using it as soon as the breeding season starts.

Tip from Mr. U:

Sprinkle wheat germ oil over the food insects. In this way, the insect-eating birds get the oil and it is also a good basis for adding, for example, Insect Powder.

Who is it suitable for?

Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil is suitable as a supplement for birds such as insect-eating birds.

Wisbroek Wheat Germ Oil

was previously

Avis Cibum Wheat Germ Oil

Avis Cibum continued under the wings of Wisbroek in early 2022. The supplements are a nice addition to Wisbroek’s existing range. We are working closely with the founders of Avis Cibum to further optimise current products and develop several new ones. The range of supplements will therefore continue to expand under the name Wisbroek!


100% vegetable wheat germ oil contains volatile oil, bitter constituent, flavonoid.

Analytic constituents

Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Arachidic acid, Eicosenoic acid, natural vitamin E.



Disclaimer: Wisbroek is continuously working on an optimal composition of the various feed types. Mentioned values may therefore deviate from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.

High diversity

The high diversity in raw materials makes our Wisbroek food a perfect balanced recipe for birds. 

Natural ingredients

In our Wisbroek food we include natural ingredients that birds eat in the wild.  

Worldwide fed by zoos 

Zoos around the world have been recommending our food and feeding it to their birds for years.

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