The Spix macaw back into the wild

On World Wildlife Day we reflect on all the animals with whom we share our earth. As humanity, we must protect these vulnerable wild animals.

We at Wisbroek are committed to the conservation of endangered bird species every day. At our R&D center we try to protect some endangered bird species, expand the population and offer a better life.

We also contribute to various conservation projects. For example, we participate in the project ‘Bring Spix back to nature’ in which the Spix macaw, which is extinct in the wild, can be brought back to the wild in Brazil through research and reproduction.
On this World Wildlife Day these Spix macaws finally come home.
If you want to follow how the Spix macaws that have arrived in the Caatinga are doing you can visit the following site:
On this website regular updates are posted about the blue birds but also how the project is progressing.

Education program

But the project doesn’t end here!
We at Wisbroek think it’s very important that the Spix gets back into the wild, but in the end it’s all about preserving this species in the wild. To contribute to this, Wisbroek is the main sponsor of the education program in de Caatinga. In this education program every primary school in de Caatinga is guided to teach the pupils how we as humans can preserve nature and ensure that no more species are threatened with extinction.

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