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Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating


Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating

Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating is the latest feed by Wisbroek to hit the market. Unlike other Wisbroek feeds, Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating has a different energy and protein content, as it contains more protein and fat than other feeds. The reason for this is the large amount of high-quality marine ingredients we put into the feed. Fish meal, fish oil, and algae are rich in protein and fat, perfect for piscivorous (fish-eating) birds, such as sea ducks, grebes, terns, and other shore and seabirds. Fish is easy to digest, high in DHA (Omega 3), and very tasty.

Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating has been designed to meet the needs of these fish-eating birds by using these high-quality ingredients. It also contains other animal and vegetable sources of protein. These protein sources all have a very high biological value, meaning their amino acid (protein) structure and the bonds between the amino acids almost 100% match the needs of the birds.

Wisbroek Sea Duck Floating is a well-balanced, tasty, and easily digestible feed for fish-eating birds. It’s a welcome addition to the existing Wisbroek range.